Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shared birthday

Today my Grandma Jones is 91. Roo turned 6. They share the same birthday! I think that is why he came late. :o)

I am breaking the rules and putting up pictures of Roo on here. And seriously, I can never get that kid to look at the camera AND have his eyes open. Here is the proof!
This is me with my Grandma Jones back in 2008.
I don't know when this was done of her.

Here are the ones with her and Roo from 2006:

How hard can it be to get 2 people to look at the camera at the same time! It must be genetic!

7 chocolate lovers:

kofoeds5 said...

Happy Birthday to your grandma and to your handsome little man!

I have to say that you look SOOOOO much like your grandma! That pictures of her when she was young- is so beautiful and seriously- so much like you!

Jilly Bean said...

Happy birthday to them both! Your beautiful grandma looked so much like you when she was young! That is so neat.

Trisha said...

so sweet! Happy Birthday to the both of them!

nicole said...

Cute post! You definitely look a lot like your Grandma. Happy Birthday to both of them!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday, Roo AND Grandma Jones! That is such a sweet picture of you and your Grandma!

Smart Helm said...

All I have to say is..


Bradbury Bunch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO AND GRANDMA JONES! (i have a grandma jones too!)
What a cute post!