Monday, June 30, 2008

Too funny

Hilarious story from Latter-day laughs on Meridian Magazine:

At a recent testimony meeting, a 5-year-old girl stood up and bore her testimony. After mentioning everyone and everything she was thankful for, she ended with this: "I am especially grateful that our house has been much happier since our family stopped using the "S-word" and the "F-word." As the little girl proudly walked back to her seat, nobody could say a word. Needless to say, they were a little shocked by what the stake president's daughter had just said. Quickly, the red-faced stake president stood up, smiled shyly, and went to the podium: "I feel I should make a clarification as to what my daughter meant. In our house the S-word is shut-up and the F-word is fart."

3 chocolate lovers:

Sara said...

That sounds like my house growing up! Too cute!

Becky & Chris Williams said...

That's so funny! In my house, or at least in my vocabulary, the 's' word really is the one that would make someones ears turn pink. Oops.

The Melo's said...