Friday, June 27, 2008

Y am I telling you this?

I'm not sure. But I got a lot of comments about my decision to join the YMCA near my house, so I thought some of you might be interested.

It has been lovely going. I've really enjoyed it. My boys love their swimming classes, and that alone would be worth it to me. I get to take C to the child care while the boys are in class, so I go play racquetball. By myself. Seriously, anyone want to play twice a week for 30 minutes? It is good practice for me, but I'm afraid I'll get used to playing alone and stop getting the ball before that second bounce. Even when I go by myself I love it. There is nothing like the feel and sound of smashing a ball with a large instrument to ease stress. :) And unlike baseball, I don't have to chase the ball down after I smash it, it bounces back. We've also been going to the zero depth pool which has been a blast. It has dumping buckets, sprinklers, etc. And it is really really warm. The kids love it. C is a bit of a fish. She'll walk as deep as she possibly can. She'll keep going until it gets up to her chin. And if the water isn't deep enough to reach her chin, she'll bend her knees until it does. She gets mad if I take her to more shallow water. Sometimes she'll trip and go under completely and it doesn't even phase her. She just wants to be a deep as she can. Scares me more than it scares her!

And I started going to a cardio class with some of my volleyball buddies. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've really enjoyed it so far. Well, not so much today. Yesterday we went to Hawk Island for a couple of hours and while I remembered to slather my kids, I forgot to get myself. In other words, I have a really painful, awful red subburn that is causing me great pain. I decided to to go to cardio anyway as penance. I'm actually a little anti-sun (melanoma has caused my family a lot of pain, not to mention Brad's stint working for a surgical dermatologist removing skin cancers), but someone I forgot to put sunscreen on me. Probably because it is stressful trying to lather 3 kids in sunscreen and keep an eye one them all near a body of water.

As if volleyball weren't hard enough with a nasty sunburn, last week I played with that lovely blister. Apparently my brain was on hold, because on the way there I was thinking, "I guess I won't be spiking much today." It wasn't until I got the ball to serve that I realized the blister might hamper my serving ability as well. Thankfully, no one has kicked me off the court yet, though I haven't been 100% the last couple of weeks. It is crazy what I'll endure to play some volleyball. :)

Did I mention already that Brad is in his final days as an intern? YEAH! He'll officially be a resident on July 1st. We are quite excited about that.

I think that's about it. The next couple of weeks will be spent trying to grow some grass and hopefully getting some plants in! We'll stay busy!

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Raina said...

Congrats on Brad being an intern! I hear you can make some money being an intern...not a lot but some.
I need to go back to the gym. That sounds like fun except for the sunburn. Ouch! I really hate getting burnt or esp brown spots from pregnancy.

Laurie said...

I've never heard of or seen "hydroseeding" so I'm gonna have to read about it. The yard looks fantastic. Love the work. Congrats on seeing things come together!!

Hooray for residency!!

I remember your love of racketball. Right now I wish I could play with you. I could use some destressing time.

Croft Family said...

YAY!! Your yard looks amazing. You guys have worked so hard on it.

If Brad is done with with his internship and starting residency that means he has now graduated from med school. CONGRATS

I wish that I had the patience to take my kids swimming but with four kids, I don't enjoy myself because they all try and run off in different directions and well they are not old enough to do that.

Congrats again on all the accomplishments

The Melo's said...

Your yard is looking great! Hydroseeding looks very interesting, never heard of it before. Sorry about your sunburn, OUCH! I would be more than happy to play racquetball but I can't afford to join and I would need someone to watch Kenzie but since you know more about it maybe there is a way. I am not good but I still enjoy the exercise, I need to drop a few pounds within the next 2 months.

Sara said...

I've beeen considering joining a gym, but I just can't decide for where. Sounds like your kids really like the Y. I can't believe how fast they grow up!

The Melo's said...

Let me know how much it costs for non-members and maybe we can swing it:) I was just at a wedding and the pictures are online for everyone to see and when I saw them I decided something needed to be done. My nephew is getting married in August and I too would like to lose 20 pounds by then but so far I am only losing 1 pound a week since that is less than 20 weeks away I am not sure but any weight I can loose will be good so that I don't look like I am 3 months pregnant all the time.

bloggingchristy said...

Hey, Melisa, how random you grew up in White Rock and you saw my blog. I moved from white rock when I was ten (my maiden name was Hill). We have kindof kept up with some people from there. The JOnes (Jeremy used to come up and see me when I was like 16), the Asays (I saw Dan a couple of times his first year at BYU), and we've seen the Gartz a couple of time (Courtney used to be our FAVORITE babysitter). Know any of those people? What's your maiden name?