Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plethora of pictures

There are waaaaaay too many to add individually. You can pick which slide shows you want to see. I'll never know if you skip one anyway! :)

I feel the need to preface these pictures. Most of them are blurry to some degree or another. It irritates me to see, so I can only imagine how annoyed other people would be seeing them. Our camera is older than Daven, and if all our money weren't in the house, we'd probably buy a new one.

First we have J graduation from Kindergarten. He will be in school all day next year! Sigh... We sat in the very back, and we have no zoom, so it is really hard to see. Heavy sigh. It was sooooo hot too! I felt like I was in OK again.

Next up are the pictures of the sidewalk. We've come a long way! We hope to pour on Tues, but rain is complicating things. We'll just have to see. If you notice in the picture of the house (#7 I think), the tree has 2 trunks branching out. That is the tree that broke in the following storm pictures...

And here are the storm pictures. You thought I was kidding when I said we have water issues? I wasn't. Now you see the necessity of the ditch. And why we should have finished the ditch before starting on the sidewalks. (Check out the storm we had last year!) We only had one more down spout to connect to a pipe and run to the ditch. We even had the pipe laid (it has now floated off)! All we had to do was glue it together, drill a hole into the ditch pipe and then cover it all. Now we'll have to wait for the water to dry up. But it won't stop raining. Ugh. And I also wasn't kidding that we took down 20 trees. And now you see why too! I don't want all of those huge branches landing on my house! We cut down all of the trees closest to the house. Such a wise investment!

C provides a lot of entertainment for the family. She is such a cutie! She was playing with a can of soda for about 10 minutes before dropping it on a rock and then enjoying the resulting shower. The restaurant pictures are a great place we just found and fell in love with. SOOOO YUMMY! We asked to be seated on the train part. It was great. Right before we left, a train went roaring by on the track. The kids loved it! We were shaking! It was awesome!
I guess my jealousy is showing. I'm soooo tired of all of the brown and dirt in my yard that I went across the street and took pictures of my neighbors' yard. Technically, the house is abandoned months ago and a foreclosure sign was put up yesterday. I'm tempted to go steal all of the flowers since no one will care for them anyway (no, I won't). They have a cute pond that had a fountain too. But now the frogs have taken over. Most of these are blurry as well. Feel free to skip.

Okay, so those are the pictures in the last week. It has been really crazy this week, as you can see.

4 chocolate lovers:

Jess n' Dev said...

Oh, you guys went to Claras! Their food is SO good! Thats cool that you ate in the train, too. Its always been too busy when weve gone.

Oh and I wish I had a Y membership! We used to go to Go Workout, which had a hot tub, and sauna, and indoor track. But we decided to switch to New Life Fitness, since theyre like half the price..but they also dont have a hot tub:( I still like it though. The enviroment isnt as intimidating as other places..I dunno why. Ok...this is starting to become a blog entry. So I will cut myself off. Haha. See ya!

Sara said...

I've been keeping up with your blog and I'm beginning to wonder when/if you sleep! Glad things look to be going well for you all. One more year of med school and then on to new adventures.

Victoria :) said...

I had to smile when your blog popped up and I saw the word plethora. Ironically my little Tanner used this word at a pool party the other day. It was really funny and took everyone by surprise...probably because he used it in correct context. When I asked him where he learned the word he said, "Remember, you used it the last time we were in NM?"...Ah, no, don't recall using the word...I can't even recall what I said yesterday...just thankful it was something positive/intelligent he learned from me when I wasn't expecting it. :)

Croft Family said...

Looks like your house is going to be beautiful. Keep the pictures coming