Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing green!

We have been super busy on the yard, and I'm excited to say that we hydroseeded the lawn today. YEAH! I'm finally seeing a color other than brown in our yard.

Here are pictures of all the changes the last few weeks:

Show #1

Miscellaneous pictures of kiddos and such.

Slide #2
Leveling out the dirt and getting the right grade. The retaining walls just before finishing them.

Slide #3
Chipping the berm, inside the trees and sidewalk. The yard is leveled. The retaining walls are finished!

Slide #4
The hostas in their new home. Yes, those were the cause of my nasty blister. Don't use a hand trowel for an extended time. Just so you know. And the hydroseeding. YEAH!

I hope the next slide show I add will be of lots of grass! And we are hoping to get a couple of plants in sometime in the next week or two. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!!!

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