Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bad memories

Ugh. So another storm, and another lake in our back yard. Ahhhh! I'm running out of ideas here! At least the ditch kept all of the water from the gutters and the sump pump away from the house. That makes me happy. No we have to find what to do with the water that drains to the lowest part of the yard, which is unfortunately at the door of the walkout.

We were at Wal-Mart during the storm, and Brad found this hat he can wear for surgeries. He said he liked it because it reminds him of me. Awww.

2 chocolate lovers:

Tori said...

I'm SO sorry about the water problems! At least it looked OK today. Love the sidewalks,the yard and all you guys have done. The pictures don't even do it justice; it looks really nice! :)

The Melo's said...

How frustrating! Isn't there some professional that can give you guys some kind of advice? I am sure they have to deal with that kind of stuff all of the time, someone must have figured something out by now, right?