Monday, March 10, 2008

More Monster fun

Today was rough. D doesn't have school due to parent/teacher conferences. J woke up complaining of a sore throat. I asked him to drink some milk. Still hurt. I asked if he wanted to go to the doctor or school and he chose doctor. That's a first. So, I figured I should keep him home. It wasn't a good day for it though.

C had her 15 mo appointment this morning. I had scheduled it for today thinking both boys would be in school. No such luck. It was harder than the dentist episode last week. I told the doctor she needed to get a baby run (similar to a dog run) so babies walk around all they want. Seriously, she was so hard to contain. She kept running off in her diaper. Cute, but not a good idea. It didn't help that the boys kept opening the door, fighting over toys, and in general making my life difficult. In between discipling boys, the doctor, who I really love, and I were able to talk about C. She is 31.3 in long which is 75% up from 30.5 in and 77%. Her head is 47 cm and 79% up from 46.4 cm and 69%. And finally,the much anticipated weight. She was 22 lb 15 oz and 52%. Last month she was 22 lb 8 oz and 53%. She has only gained 1 pound (exactly) since her 9 month appointment. Wow. But, the last few months, she's been holding steady around the 53%, so I'm finally going to stop worrying about that. We also talked about her 3 day Captain Crunch obsesession. She said that as long as over time, C has a healthy diet, not to worry about some glitches like that. I'm glad I didn't panic!

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Jill said...

Wow - why do things like that always happen? You plan things perfectly and then life happens. At least you're awesome, so you can handle it! :o)