Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dental happenings

Oh what a day.

We woke up to more snow, probably a few inches, but of course, no school delays. After taking the boys to school, C and I headed over to Meijer to get some stuff. I have a baby shower to attend and J's school party coming up. Yipes! C was not happy to be at the store. Oh was she hollering! The stares we were getting! I would let her walk around for a little while. She looked at the fish while I bought clothes for the shower. It freaked a lady out because she didn't see me. I had to get C when she wouldn't leave the dog biscuits alone. Yum. So, when I could, I would let her wander around. Someone asked how old she is and when I said 15 months, she said, "Wow, she is so small!" I don't think any of my kids have ever been called small.

After much screaming and what felt like years, we made it through Meijer. I went home and unloaded the van. I left C in her car seat since I was outside with her anyway. Then, with her still in the car seat, I cleared off the driveway with the snow blower. I can't believe how much faster that is! It is remarkable! We should have bought one sooner! I got 3/4 of the way done when the 1st snow blower died. Presumably out of gas. I got out the second and didn't get much further before it also died. Oops. I'll need to learn how to add gas soon. I finished the little remaining with a shovel and did the renters walkway. Our road was plowed... the whole thing. I don't know who did it. The county? Did our neighbors pay someone? Don't know, but I'm grateful. By the time I got done (10 minutes?) C was asleep in the van. We got J, I came home and put the groceries away and shoveled the front walk.

After getting D and Brittany we came home for a little while. Then, about 10 minutes before 1, I remember that Jaden has a dentist appointment at 1. Talk about a HLM (hand of the Lord moment). I wouldn't have just remembered that out of the blue. Thankfully, we got there in time (it is super close to our house). J was as jumpy and anxious as ever to have his teeth cleaned. He asked me to go in with him. Yeah, with D and C. Stressful! C won't sit still and D hasn't mastered that either. Then, because they had a cancellation, we did D too. He was much less nervous, but he has never had traumatic dental experiences either. All in all, it wasn't as bad as it could have been considering we had 3 kids in a small room with lots of equipment and wires. There were no cavities in either boy. J has about 4 teeth in various stages of looseness. He has 2 of his 6 yr molars in. My baby is growing so fast!

Brad was on call last night and didn't make it home until close to 1 am. Poor guy. This is his last week of surgery, then it is Cardiology for 4 weeks.

4 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Wow, I didn't realize how crazy one trip to the dentist would be with 3 kids. You're such an awesome mom, Melisa!

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Isn't it amazing to look at our days sometimes and realize all that we did! Super mom!

The Melo's said...

Wow! You are an amazing woman! I am here whenever you need anything, happy to come over any time to babysit, it might take me 20 minutes but I will be there, just call. 882-2062

Croft Family said...

Wow! what a day. I got tired just reading about your day. Don't worry about Calet being small. You want a petite girl. But this is coming from someone who her 4 almost 5 year old who still wears 3T.