Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home again

I flew to the wedding on Wed. It was evening by the time I got in, and it was great to see everyone. I saw my grandma, and she had a sling on her arm. I asked her what happened, and she told me that she fell off of an ATV. Now, honestly, how many of you have ATV riding grandmas? I love my family.

That night we went to the movies. It was midnight my time and I was pretty tired, but my family would take no excuses. You wonder why I'm such a night owl, huh. Needless to say, we got to bed pretty late, and were up early to run errands. My mom, brother Travis and I, went to BYU to go to the bookstore. Wow. I was shocked. It looks SO DIFFERENT! I graduated 10 years ago this week, and I can't believe how different it looks! It is a beautiful campus. We spent the rest of the morning going up to Bountiful and meeting some of Heidi's family. We got to help set up a little and it looked awesome (despite how bad we are at making things pretty - we think they fixed everything after we left)! We got a little lost driving around looking for a restaurant for lunch, but we did have some fun. My sister Aubrey, SIL Resa, and my Aunt VaLynn and I all went to get pedicures. It was lots of fun, though Resa's lady was a little aggressive with her toes. :)

After pedis, it was get dressed and head to the temple for the wedding. It was beautiful. Of course, I cried through it. I've never seen Gerrick more smitten. It was wonderful to see. After that was lots of pictures. Lots. Then we went over to finish last minute preps for the reception. The reception was beautiful too. My dad's mom and his sisters Janielle, Claudia, and Shelly were able to make it.
It was pretty late when we got in that night, but we were up by 6:30 so we could go to the Provo temple. I never got to go while I was at the Y. After that it was up to SLC to catch my plane. Quick trip, huh! And can you believe that I only have 1 picture of the whole trip? Seriously. I got a picture with my friend Syd here in MI. She took me to the airport and picked me up even though she incredibly busy with a party coming up today. What a doll. Of course, the real reason I wanted her to take me is because I wanted to snuggle her sweet baby! Such a cutie pie! Her older kids are such cuties too. I wish we could see them more, but considering we are both married to doctors, electronic correspondence fits our schedules much easier. And don't worry, I asked VaLynn to send me a CD of the "official" wedding pictures, so I'll get those up eventually. For now, I put up my single picture of the trip and a couple I found of Stinkerbell on my camera while I was in UT.

These are more appropriate for this blog though:

3 chocolate lovers:

Becky and Chris said...

Pedicures...aahhh...Have you heard of those ones with the tiny fish that eat off all of the dead flesh from your feet. What if they don't stop there?!
I can't wait to see the wedding photos. Why didn't we get together while you were still in UT? I miss my friend Melisa!

Debbie said...

Glad you had a great time...keep us posted on Brad by the way. I'm dying to know! Richard was flattered Brad called him.

arvon said...

I'm sorry none of the Queen Creek branch of the family were able to make it to the wedding. We would have loved to see everyone again.
Please add me to your picture access list.
love, Uncle Arvon