Friday, August 8, 2008

The beast

Okay, so today I got some video of the cicada killer wasp. He was taking a cicada into his hole when we got back from the Y today. I couldn't find my camera and by the time I got back, I couldn't see the cicada anymore. I'm not sure if this is the same wasp or another one. Ugh. Another one. Ugh.

Enjoy the videos and listening to me freak out. :)

This is the side yard that we haven't worked on yet. It has been a dumping ground for all of our construction materials, bricks, dirt, rocks, etc. We hope to work on it the end of August. You can see the fence in the back.
Lovely isn't it. The dirt mound is where the wasps live. Ugh. I told Brad that finishing the side yard just moved up on my priority list.
A diagram of the lot. The circle in the bottom corner is the hosta garden and the one next to the house is the circle garden with the plants. Somewhere I have a diagram that includes the retaining walls and sidewalks, but I don't know where it is right now. The part I shaded at the top is what the above pictures are taken from.

In other news, did anyone catch Stephenie Meyer's signing broadcast last night? I stayed up late to watch it and it was FABULOUS! Let me know if you did so we can chat about it. And if you read the Meridian article with letters to the Editor about it, let me know too. I just have to say that wow, some people are really against it. Won't even read it because it is so evil. Alrighty then.

3 chocolate lovers:

Deb's Big Hunk said...

Very cool wasp! I found a dead one on the street after the county fumagator sprayed our neck of the woods in Kansas City. I put it in a plastic resin to have forever. :) Very big wasp indeed.

Re: Colorado...Were going to Grand Junction

Jennerator said...

Sometimes Richard (shaking head)...

We have a TON of those in our front flower bed. I think they are called Katy wasps out here (ya know, for "CI-KA-DEE). Anyway, I don't think they sting very often. They sure are fast and buzz around my front porch all the time...

KC said...

I'm not sure why I spent so much time reading about your wasp.
But I admit I did! I think it's your writing style.

Clever indeed.