Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am thrilled. Just thrilled! We worked really hard on the yard today. Brad and his dad got the pipe connected to the sump pump and ran it to the ditch. I got some video and pictures of it. It was pumping out so much water into the ditch! I can't believe all that water used to be right next to the house! Okay, I can. Our pump was running constantly. Probably because the pump would pump out the water which would just sink right back into the basement system. But now we are getting it away from the house. I am really hoping that will give the sump a break.

I have a couple of videos and a lot of pictures to put up. I hope I have the energy tomorrow!

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Becky & Chris Williams said...

We've got one of those in our basement and haven't had any flooding, what a great invention!