Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Black dirt

Last night while I was cleaning and Brad was cooking a fabulous recipe called Red Curry Chicken with Basil, the boys decided to play outside. And if you noticed, our yard is all dirt. BLACK dirt. And if you caught the quick mention, it rained ALL DAY on Sunday. Can you see where I'm going with this? There were black footprints through my house. Apparently the mud was so strong the boys shoes got stuck, so they left them in the mud and walked in their socks. And then acted shocked because we got mad at them even though they took off their shoes before coming in. Yeah. Lovely. Of course, I had to take pictures before starting the laundry. Did I mention J was wearing light jeans and D was wearing light khakis? And that they were pretty well covered in dirt? I have to say though, I was really impressed with Shout. I squirted the clothes like there was no tomorrow and honestly, I can't even tell they were ever dirty. I am shocked. And thrilled. We had already set up a carpet cleaning appointment before this happened. I wanted to cancel it until we get some grass because I know it is going to happen again. But Brad was insistent that we do it ASAP, and it wasn't worth the fight, so I didn't cancel it. They came today and it looks amazing! I love it! I'm glad I listened to him!

4 chocolate lovers:

Raina said...

Wow! I don't envy that. I am glad that it all came out. I love Shout!
That last time I called and schedule Stanley Steemers to come out that day. Stanley is the best by the way! Was when I got a dog for Eliza's birthday last year.... do you see where this is leading and it marked its terriority all over the house. Moment of silence... we have no dog now.

Croft Family said...

Oh my boys will be boys! Glad you got it all out

Becky & Chris Williams said...

Boys...need we say more? Their logic works in a way girls cannot even fathom, but can laugh at in order not to go the way of all insane people. It's necessary that we learn this kind of humor or our lives in the outside world may be shortened.

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Crazy! I love summer, but it totally means dirty carpet here too.
Good thing you listened to Brad!