Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you women out there are having an awesome Mother's Day!

And here are the next chapters of previously started stories:

Lex Luther has fully recovered. His tensioner system broke causing his serpentine belt to snap. And, no, I don't know what I just wrote. He was fixed that same day, so Brad was able to go pick him up and pay for him before going back to work for the night.

Volleyball was fun this week. I didn't have any scary ankle incidents, which is reassuring. I didn't even have bruised knees! That is in a large part due to the fact that the people playing this day were actually really good. It is hard (embarrassing) being the worst player on the court, but at least you don't end up diving for shanked balls because either they play too good to shank balls, or someone else is already diving for it. And I finally did some jumping without having a heart attack after. I even won a couple of jousts. Not as many as I lost, but still, the fact that I even jumped was a victory for me. I did do something not fun to my index finger joint. I don't know what. I don't think it was a jam because it was on the outside of the knuckle. Maybe I accidently bumped a ball with my hands instead of my arms? Either way, it was pretty painful and resulted in a lovely purple bruise. It made it difficult to set because that finger pretty much guides the ball along with the thumb. And my team wanted me to be the setter for the big hitters. Quite intimidating. But, I managed to get the sets placed and we actually won that game. Brad is going to be working during volleyball the next couple weeks and I'm really going to miss it. I hope I don't revert back to my fears after taking some time off...

Saturday was busy. Brad and the boys went to see Speedracer and I put C down for a nap. I love that he has someone to go watch those kind of movies with so I don't have to go. ;) I went outside and worked with Ken (the dirt/ditch guy). We spent quite awhile putting sand under the pipe from the house and compacting it so it wouldn't move when driven on and such. Then I watched for rocks and branches, etc while he dropped dirt on it. I tried to gather wood left from the downed trees, but I couldn't get the wheelbarrow back over the ditch. Then I drilled holes in the bottom of the large pipe until the battery ran out. Now I have a blister on the right side of my thumb knuckle that matches Brad's. How romantic. While waiting for Brad to get back, I got on the computer for a minute. I noticed something large and dark moving in the dining room. I just about peed my pants. When I finally saw what it was, I was shocked. A stray cat had wandered in from the basement and come up the stairs. I had left the door open down there when I ran in to answer the phone. When Brad and the boys got back, just as C woke up, we worked on getting the pipes down and ready for the rocks to bury it. I finished drilling it, with a different drill and an extension cord, and then we attached the pipe from the house. Then we gathered large branches and stuff in the dirt and helped with the rocks getting dropped. So, to summarize, both the ditches are now covered. YEAH! I have oodles of boring pictures if you are so interested.

And here are the slide shows:

This first one is pictures when we very first looked at the house a year ago this week. You can see all of the trees we took down. The last pictures are ones the appraiser took. I didn't take any of the back before we dropped about 5 trees back there.

4 chocolate lovers:

Robyn said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Wow, I cannot believe how much work you guys have done! It will be so worth it in the end!

I love how lush and green it is there. I hope we can visit soon!

Jill said...

So - did Melisa find a new pet for the family?

Happy Mother's Day to you!!! :o)

Croft Family said...

Happy Mother's Day. Your yard is coming together and it will be great when it is done. You have done so much with it

Becky & Chris Williams said...

Those fingers can take a beating in volleyball, but the true victims are the ankles and it sounds like you already know that. I want to play, where and when do you go? Are they open to injured, slow, mothers of 3 kids?
For a minute I had to remember that your car's name was Lex Luther and not an unfortunate family member. Shall I call my car Kia Farrow? Well, she's got an appointment with the guy who will make her less hot, that is the AC needs a fixin'.