Friday, May 2, 2008

31 years ago

31 years ago today the most amazing guy I know was born. I sure love you Bradley Mons!

Brad had taken vacation days yesterday and today, so he was home all day. We spent most of it outside working on the yard. We got a lot done, which feels nice. The fun part was that we got the boys' Jeeps out and they had a blast. Our house is at the end of a street, so we are the only ones who drive on that section. And there is a dirt path to a cul-de-sac with only 2 houses. So, those were the parameters I gave them. They could go on our street, across the dirt path and around the cul-de-sac. They were soooo happy. They loved offroading on the path. Jaden stayed on the street in front of our house for awhile so C could ride with him. He is such a sweetie.

While the kids were riding in their Jeeps and Brad and his dad were invading Lowes, I grabbed a folding chair and my Twilight book (what else?!). C came over and started signing that she wanted something. I realized that she wanted a chair too, so I got her a child's foldout chair. She settled in the chair and looked me and got a look on her face. She started signing again. She wanted a book too, so I ran and got her some of her books to read. She was so happy sitting in the chair with a book. What an adorable baby.

After getting the kids to bed, I went to the Stake Center for some volleyball. Since last week was my first week playing since breaking my ankle a year ago after a spike, I still had a lot of trepidation. Last week, I pretty much avoided jumping. Obviously, that couldn't be a permanent solution as it would not only make me a bad player, it is quite difficult to fight the natural instincts to jump after years of practice. I went and purchased 2 ankle braces with the hope of rebuilding my confidence. It still took me a little while to convince myself to try jumping again. And the first time I did, I came down wrong. Again. Dang. At least it wasn't my previously broken ankle that I tweaked. It hurt bad enough that I needed to get off the court. I decided to try walking around the building in the fresh, crisp air. I cried for awhile. Slightly out of pain, but mostly because I was frustrated. I didn't want to give up on volleyball, but I didn't think I could handle it mentally. Or physically. Breaking my ankle is not an experience I care to repeat. I eventually convinced myself to go back in and just not jump, like I had done before. And ever so slowly I convinced myself to try jumping again. My knees are pretty bruised from going for wild balls as I don't remember how to dive. It ended up being a really fun night.

3 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Brad!

I didn't know that Calet knew so many signs - it sounds like she wants to be just like her mama, such a smart girl! :o)

I'm sorry about the volleyball fears - you're smart to think of the consequences beforehand. Do you know how/why you broke your ankle last time? Are you able to prevent it from happening again (despite not jumping)?

Deanne said...

I'm glad you stuck out the v-ball. It's been fun going with you!

Croft Family said...

Happy Birthday Brad. How nice was it that you had your dad there. I sure miss him coming and visiting us in Georgia. Hopefully he can start making it back to Utah more often.