Thursday, May 1, 2008

The deets

I guess I should clarify what we are doing in our yard besides making a huge mess.

We removed the brick from the front sidewalk and moved it to the backyard. There was previously a brick patio back there, but with a massive cottonwood growing in the middle of it, most of it had been pushed up by roots. We brought in loads and loads and loads (I could keep going) of dirt to raise the ground and level it. The front yard was uneven and sloped towards the house. We brought in dirt to level it and slope it away from the house. This required removing the porch steps as well.

Now Brad and his dad are building a retaining wall on the side of the house, so we can keep the ground flat near the house, and slope it to the backyard. They are also taking the brick from the previous patio and the brick from the dismantled sidewalk and making a new patio in the backyard. We cut down and ground the stump of the cottonwood, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

The ditch has been dug in the backyard and it now needs to be lined with rocks and to have the pipes laid to connect the drains and the sump pump drain to it. That has kinda been the whole point, to give the water a place to go (the huge ditch in the backyard and not our basement).

When my parents get here in a few weeks, we will be pouring cement sidewalks to the front and backyard from the driveway and the street. At some point we will be adding the grass, cute bushes, greenery, and a cute little wooden fence.

Can't picture it in your head? Me neither. Brad has amazing grand schemes and he sees it all in his head. I totally trust him and think he is doing an amazing job bringing it all together. It already looks so different. We have a lot of work to go on it. Thankfully with my family coming to help for a few days, and all of the work Brad's dad has done, we hope to have it mostly done by September, which is when it will probably start snowing here. ;)

3 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

And won't it look lovely with all the snow falling down on the level yard...

iPhilip said...

Sounds fun and expensive.

Jess n' Dev said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! Glad to see you on here! I love finding people I know, in my online world. I'm addicted...I have: MySpace, Facebook, Cafemom, Blogger, and many more...sadly. yeah good to see you on here, and when I have some time (ha! like that ever happens) I'll take a better look at your blog. Talk to ya later!