Friday, September 18, 2009

Parent visit

We had so much fun with my parents in town. Philly has plenty of attractions to see. We even had our first Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. So, here is a tiny little photo session. There are tons over on Cookie.

So, I was supposed to get rid of all the chemo counter bracelets in a way that they would be out of our lives forever. But wouldn't you know, just as we were getting ready to cross the street, along comes Bill the horse and the chemo bracelet. Sigh. At least my mom was a good sport about it and took a picture with it.

It was my daddy's birthday that weekend. For his birthday, BYU beat OU. Okay, maybe those 2 things are completely unrelated, but none the less, it is a very good day when my favorite team beats the team I can't stand.

Me with Benjamin Franklin.

I went with my parents to the Washington DC temple.
Some sites of Philly:

I have a video of these lights changing colors on the Cookie blog.

Philly has some crazy parking, as I've mentioned before. There is a part of Philly where people park in the median. For reals. It is crazy.
And here are my chili plants. I accidentally left my chili plant outside one night in MI and killed it. I'm still sad about it. I took some seeds from one of the peppers and tried to grow them. This is what I have so far. I am SOOOOO hopeful I can bring my chili pepper plant back to life!!!
Do you love our neighbors weeds?
Our house. We are on the left side. As you can tell, it is not very wide.
Cookie has a ton of pictures of the kids and my parents.

4 chocolate lovers:

Smart Helm said...

How fun to have your parents to visit! It sounds like you painted the town. Isn't it funny how you only go see the sites when you have people there to visit?

Jennerator said...

Wow, your dad looks so excited. Tell him happy (late) birthday. And any ideas on what to get your mom on my b-day?

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Desiree said...

I can't believe you ran into that bracelet again! LOL! Did the driver even know it was there? Looks like a fun visit. Your mom is looking great. :) And parking in the MEDIAN? Hello crazies!

Trisha said...

your first philly cheesesteak sandwich? just now? wow! where did you go? pat's or geno's? :)

glad you had some quality time with your parents!