Monday, July 13, 2009

You want honest?

A few weeks back, Alyson awarded me with the Honest Scrap award. I figured today was a very fitting day to do it. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Okay, you probably can, but it is going to get ugly. You've been warned.

  1. I am a champion procrastinator and have been for as long as I can remember. I really did get this award weeks ago, and I'm just now getting to it.
  2. We had cereal for breakfast tonight. For real. I was (am) having one of those days. Then, to put me over the top, Brad called at 4 to say that he was on his way home to get Odie. He didn't trust his car, seriously on the verge of death, to make it downtown. The problem is that Mondays are my day to eat out since a) Brad has meetings every Monday night and b) he doesn't like eating out anyway. It gives me a chance to eat out and him a chance not to. But now I didn't have a vehicle. Or the motivation to throw something together after doing the laundry. Hence the cereal.
  3. I let Sugar sleep in her saucer chair for over almost 2 hours today. I tried to get her to take a nap earlier, but nooooo, she wasn't having it. She finally fell asleep watching Baby Einsteins and I didn't want to wake her up because a) I needed the peace and quiet and b) I didn't have anything to give her for dinner anyway.
  4. I was bringing the trash can back up the drive today and noticed it had about 20 maggots in there. GAG! I told you that you couldn't handle the truth.
  5. I accidentally killed the flowers my neighbor gave me. The 'flower bed' near my door is apparently not a flower bed and merely an inch of dirt and rocks not fit for plant life. I'm sure my neighbor is looking at his dead flowers and thinking what a loser I am.
  6. I have gained a lot of weight since moving here but I don't know how much since I don't have a scale and Brad doesn't want me to buy one. Apparently I can be a little obsessive when I have a scale in the house. It really sucks not knowing how much I weigh. I haven't been on a scale since May. I just know my clothes aren't fitting anymore. Boo. I was going to use the scale at the gym, but with my knee issues, I saw no reason to join a gym yet. Double boo.
  7. Sugar woke up from her saucer chair and is now sleeping in my lap. While I continue to blog. That's stellar parenting people.
  8. I've played Bejeweled on Facebook for 90 minutes today. (see #1)
  9. When I checked this morning I had 126 blogs on my Google Reader. And that doesn't count all of the private blogs. Yikes!
  10. Going along with 9, I have an announcement. I'm no longer going to be the blogger I once was. Back in the day, I loved reading everyone's blogs and leaving little comments. Now it is getting to be a full-time job I can no longer juggle. You've probably already noticed this change since my life has been a bit nutty the last few months, but I'm finally giving myself permission to give up on keeping up with it. I'm sure I'll still check in on blogs from time to time, but it can't take up the time in my life it once did. I've been here 6 weeks and I'm not done unpacking. Is that number 11? No, I'll lump it with 1. In the famous words of all high-school boyfriends, "It's not you, it's me." Only this time it's true. :o)
Okay, I must make a mental note to not blog when I'm in a bad mood or I open myself up to an obscene amount of public humiliation. :o) I may have taken the whole 'honest scrap' thing a bit too far. Sorry! Hopefully I'll actually sleep through the night and not be so crabby tomorrow. :o)

9 chocolate lovers:

Rebecca said...

We still love you! Those things are not bad just life.

Victoria :) said...

Smiles! Here's to a better day tomorrow. Cheers!

Cindi said...

I think we are twins separated at birth ;)

Cindi said...

Except that whole not liking to shop thing!

Dion said...

Even in your despair and honesty, you make me giggle. Here's a ((hug)).

Cindy said...

We love the makes us all look at our selves and realize that we aren't mean I'm not the only one who justifies feeding her kids pudding cups at 9:00 in the morning only moments after finishing breakfast....because they have milk in them....and it's almost like an extension of breakfast anyway?!?!?!

KC said...

Eh, kids are resiliant. They bounce back from that "no dinner" thing pretty well. (plants and flowers, not so much.)

Trisha said...

Your honesty is one of the best things about you!

Jamie said...

I love to read your blog....even if I get to it late. You always make me smile and you have an amazing way of saying things. I love the means I'm not alone. ;)