Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wow! I'm a posting machine!

We had a blast picking blueberries today. It was just a little drive (relative in Philadelphia) and it was worth it!

We got almost 6 pounds of blueberries. mmmmm, I love blueberry pancakes! The kids had a blast. Jamo was a super fast picker and got two buckets by himself. He did awesome. Roo got tired after 1 bucket and spent the next 30 minutes asking when the hay truck was coming to take us home. "Do you know what time I think it is? Bedtime. Daddy is probably home by now." Sure, kid. ;o) SugarPea ate anything she got her hands on, so I had to keep her bucket stocked with ripe ones or she'd go around spitting out the purple ones. She managed to keep herself busy at one point by digging in the dirt, which she ended up covered head to toe in by the time she was done.

After getting our berries, there was a great park with lots of equipment, a maze, and animals to see. It was wonderful. I can't wait to go back!

Check out cookie for all the pictures! Of course, there are lots of pictures for the grandparents, but even the non-grandparents will appreciate #16 with Sugar covered in dirt. :o)

And for you non-Cookie people, here is a picture I took driving home. Yes, I was stopped at a light. I'm trying to not contribute to the problem. Can anyone tell me exactly what this car DOES? Crash research??? YIKES!!! I need to keep a camera in my car!

7 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

We still haven't made it to pick some, but can't wait! Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you could start a funny blog on Philly traffic! Hah!

Alyson said...

Where did you pick blueberries at?? There is a really nice farm kinda near me called Johnson's Farm.......It's in Medford NJ.......It's so much fun there and you get to ride the tractor hay ride thing.....So much fun :0)

Melisa said...

We went to Linvilla in Media, PA. It was awesome! So much to do! I want to go back for the Blackberry festival!

Jessi said...

While I'm more than envious of your berry picking opportunities, I can't say that I'm equally as envious of your traffic...crash research, really?

jp said...

next time you go back, try making a blueberring bucket. take a small container- think half gallon sized ice cream type. punch two holes in it with a hole punch and tie a string long enough to put around your neck. It's great. Keeps both hands free to pick with, or grab kids with! enjoy.

Your blog makes me laugh,. no kids yet but I teach and have helped with frined skids and cousins for years!

Melisa said...

JP - Thanks for the tip! I'm taking Brad with me for the blackberries that should be ready any day now. I love blackberries!!! Hopefully I can make a handy dandy bucket before we go, as all hands will be needed to keep kids in check. :o)