Thursday, July 16, 2009

Calling it a day

Well, after walking around for 3 hours yesterday (without a knee brace) picking blueberries, my knee has decided it hates me again. Oops. At least I have a gallon bag completely full of delicious blueberries. I am at peace.

Today, despite my protesting knee, I decided to take my kids (also protesting) to the Mann Center for a drum/rhythm concert. Oy. My laptop freaked out before I could get the address, so I tried to see if I could find it without plugging the address into my GPS. Duh. I was close, but as we all know, "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

I eventually did find it, but then there was the parking issue. And by parking issue I mean the hundred-some-odd buses and cars. It was a mad house. I'm not big on crowds. Or dragging 3 whining kids through big crowds by myself. Too easy to lose one. But, I decided to push my comfort zone a little and force them to go.

The entire first song (which lasted probably 20 minutes) was accompanied by my kids whines of:
"There isn't enough shade"
"You forgot the sunscreen, mommy"
"I'm so hooooooot"
"Mommy, I'm soooo thirsty"
"I can't see anything!"

By the time the cry of "Potty!!!" was introduced, I decided I was done. There was no way I could save my seats (like I'm leaving my stuff unattended in Philly) and there was definitely no way I was leaving a child behind. No, potty excursions were every kid or not at all. So, off to the potty we all trudged as our empty seats were pounced on by late arrivers. And then we continued right on out to Odie. After 20 minutes. At least I tried, right? I just know how overwhelmed I get with crowds and 3 small children. I'm too outnumbered! I just didn't realize it would be as crowded as it was. Anyway...

Here is a benefit to leaving early. I got to take a picture of this:

Classic, Philly, eh? I know I've said this before, but I have got to find a way to keep a camera in my vehicle at all times. These crazy things keep happening while I'm driving! (No, I was not actually MOVING when the picture was taken. I was stopped in the parking lot. Again, I'm not trying to contribute to the problem.)

7 chocolate lovers:

Jennerator said...

And I thought Oklahoma drivers were bad....

Trisha said...

You're so right. At least you tried! I think I would have given up when I saw the parking lot. Hope your knee starts feeling better!

Rachel said...

That picture is awesome! Never would expect to see that :)

coxandroberts said...

You are a brave woman. I think I would have left after seeing the parking lot too. Too funny reading all your driving experiences. I think I would want to go to public transportation.

Dion said...

Was the bus truly stuck or did it just drag bottom?

Jessi said...

Good for you for pushing through your comfort zone! I'm with Trisha, I would have probably turned around once I saw the parking lot.

Hope your knee decides to cooperate soon. *wink*

And OMGoodness, that bus!

Anonymous said...

Brave mom for taking them all out there...I would have been out for the count when we couldn't find parking. There are just some things that should only be attempted with more than one adult. Sorry to hear your knee is revolting