Monday, July 21, 2008

MDA Fundraiser

My brother Tylerr's sweet fiancee Becca is going to jail for Muscular Dystrophy.

We love her and would rather have her out of jail. :) If you could make a donation of even a couple of dollars, it would be greatly appreciated. The deadline is 8/7/08.

Check out her page here:

We love you, Becca!

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Raina said...

Is Tyler your brother? I got the email about that. I need an update on who's who in your family. It is probably time for a reunion soon. But with the economy it is hard to try to put one together. I am hopeing someone in the family will step up. It was too hard last time doing it by myself. It made me cranky. I don't know of any cool places to do one. I think that is the biggest hang up. Love ya!