Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ouch! I've been tagged!

Okay, technically, Jill tagged me on this about a month ago. What I slacker I am. And not only am I a slacker, I also have a terrible memory. Unfortunately, blogging is my only form of journaling and I haven't been doing that long enough to answer most of these questions. Even I was bored reading this post. Feel free to skip!

20 yrs ago - Uh, I was 11, so I have no idea. My youngest brother was a year old. My parents were in the process of building a new house (that they still live in).

10 yrs ago - Again, uh, I have no idea. I was 21, so I guess I had just graduated from the Y in Provo and was working at Big Planet.

5 yrs ago - J was 1 and I was pregnant and constantly puking with D. Brad was starting his second year of med school.

3 yrs ago - You know what, this is really hard for me. Uh, I think Brad had just finished getting his MBA. I was glad to be done with that!

1 yr ago - Oooh, oooh, I know this one! We had just bought our first house and moved out here to start Brad's intern year. This day specifically, I was registering D for pre-K.
this year - Hmmm, more medical stuff. Imagine that. He finished intern year and is now an official resident.

yesterday - We had some new friends over for dinner.

today - Swim lessons and hopefully get a sump pump put in our backyard to avoid future floods. Happy birthday, Resa. We love you and miss you!

tomorrow - Brad's on call, so probably nothing that is exciting. My cardio class. The Y with the fun baby pool. Movie night with the kids.

next year - This is still up for debate at this point, but if we decide to have 4 kids, it would probably happen late next year. And yes, more residency stuff. Aren't we exciting?

Now you know how boring I am and how bad my memory is. :)

3 chocolate lovers:

Robyn said...

Hey, Big Planet- now does that bring back some memories, are they still around?

If it helps any, I got tagged on this like a year ago and was always too scared to write it for the same reasons..

Jill said...

That wasn't boring at all! Thanks for doing it...although, you didn't tag anyone else. ;o) And hopefully this year you might make it down to visit us! (hint hint)

Rachel said...

Hey there! I just realized you had a blog... me too. I LOVE to blog! My blog is set to private so I'll send you an invite.

It's always fun to go down memory lane to see where you are now and where you came from... I actually just put up a memory post too...