Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jamo's birthday!

Somehow I blinked and Jamo turned 9. Wow. Next year it is double digits. How did it go so fast?

I stayed up way too late making Hopkins cupcakes.

It was worth it though. Every month I go to both of my boys' classes and teach them a Signing Time lesson. So, the kids all knew it was Hopkins and loved it. :o)

Between my 2 scheduled classes, I also managed to make it to help at Roo's lunchroom at school. I'm having some kind of RA issue or something right now. And I spent the lunch time running around opening milk bottles, thermoses, etc. Owie! And tomorrow I have 9 classes. Oh please let my hands work tomorrow!!! I can barely open the jelly jar for my kids in the morning. And before you ask, mommy, yes, I have my appointment scheduled with my Rheumy. :o)

I've never shown a picture of my RA hands, have I? This is my good hand, only some of the knuckles are swollen. On my right hand, my fingers are starting to go wonky and won't straighten out.

We had a wonderful evening. Jamo shocked us all and picked Pizza Hut for dinner over his beloved IHOP. Then the kids decorated the cake and we opened presents. If you didn't know, we have a recently started tradition of letting the kids decorate the cake. They are much better than I am at it anyway! Here it is:

Leftover frosting from the cupcakes and sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. haha! It is a penguin with a 9 on his tummy. Can't you tell?? And do you know what I *just now* realized? We forgot to actually EAT the cake. Oops. The kids were really excited about the presents, so I don't think they noticed.
After this action packed day of making cakes, wrapping presents, making a mess etc, I got a call to show the house tomorrow. Oy. I guess it is better than today, but since I'm working all day tomorrow, I'll have to clean it all tonight. It's going to be a rough night!

3 chocolate lovers:

Jenn said...

Tell me about it, I blinked and Dalin is going to be a deacon this year.... Cupcakes look great!!

davita said...

Happy Birthday! It does go by fast. My oldest will be 10 next week. I love those cupcakes!!!

TheFamousStacie said...

Ouch! Our hands are so vital, like feet we are crazed when they hurt or aren't working right! I've been having to stretch my hands and feet each morning first thing to avoid pain all day.

So cute cupcakes! It's b-day time here too, we are making bunny cupcakes.