Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lore's Chocolate Party

There are some experiences that you will remember for years. If you want a memorable experience, the Lore's Chocolate Birthday party is one you won't soon forget! Lore's is a short walk from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and worth the effort to go visit!

I was able to bring both of my boys to experience a Lore's Birthday Party yesterday. There were snacks and drinks available as we got ready to learn. The kids each got an apron, as chocolate was sure to fly! Tony taught us where chocolate comes from. The kids got to hold the cacao pod and see the different ingredients you can make from the cacao. We even got to hear a brief history of Lore's in Philadelphia. There are many reasons I love living in Philly, and the rich history is one of them!

Then the kids split into 2 groups to make their own chocolaty treats. My boys started at the molding station, where we learned how they make hollow chocolate shapes like bunnies and in our case, a turtle and Liberty Bell. Roo fell in love with that turtle! Then the boys got to fill their own molds. And dip pretzels in a chocolate vat and cover them with sprinkles. Oh, and how could I forget that they got to try their hand at making nonpareils. They weren't pretty, but I bet they tasted amazing! I get the feeling that those are harder to make than it looks.

After that, they moved to the enrobing line. Each child got their own box filled with marshmallows, pretzels, animal crackers, etc. They got to put them on the belt and watch their own treats disappear beneath the chocolate falls. After getting coated, they were supposed to use their fingers to decorate the top. They loved that part. Then the treats went to cool down before getting to the end of the line where they put them in their own box.

Tony and Maureen were so amazing and patient with that many little people running around. Roo was busy posing for a picture with his beloved chocolate turtle and ended up getting an arm doused in chocolate. Maureen didn't even bat an eye, she was calm, cool and collected. Of course, leave it to my boy to end up chocolate coated. *sigh* And at the end, as if things couldn't get better, we got a bag to fill with all of the treats we had made! And it even had a pre-made personalized egg! The kids were thrilled to see their own names in chocolate!

What an amazing experience it was for us! Now that is how to celebrate your birthday! Lore's is taking reservations for Saturday birthday parties, and will include weekday hours in the summer. I wish MY birthday were coming up soon!

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