Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Un-Irish

Apparently only the Irish get to be lucky today, because I'm sure not feeling it!

On Tuesday, Sugar had been sick since Friday and finally seemed over it, but I decided to keep her home one more day just in case. And that afternoon I got a call from Jamo's school that he had a fever over 100 and had to come home.

I kept Jamo and Sugar home on Wednesday. Today, I was ready to send all 3 kids back to the school for the first time in a week and hit the gym. Yoga to be exact.

Upon arriving at the boys school, there were 4 of those trucks with buckets and tree grinders right in front of the drop off. You have got to be kidding me. Could there possibly be a worse time to trim trees? During school drop off? Really? Kids walking while branches are getting chopped, closing lanes during peak traffic, blocking the entrance to the school... someone really didn't think this one through.

After dropping Sugar off, I got to the gym parking lot. I parked a little funny, so I got back in and reparked. Then I put my quarter in the meter. It didn't drop. Odd. So, I put in a second to push the first one through. And that one got stuck. I grabbed a popscicle stick on the ground and tried to push them through. Nothing. So, I wrote a note and stuck on saying, "Look in the machine, the quarters are stuck."

This all made me late to yoga, but it was fun being there. I went out to Odie and there was a parking ticket.

Argh. So, I called the number on the ticket and explained it. She said to call back later after they looked at it. I took pictures just in case.

How hard would it have been to look in and see a quarter sitting there? Argh. On the principle of it, I'm going to go to court if they dare try to make me pay. Hopefully when I call, they will have it resolved because I'm not paying it.

I will, however, pay for my overdue library fees, which was my next stop in Funville. I couldn't complain about that though. It was my fault. I took the other videos back not realizing the boys left one upstairs. I should have checked. I won't argue that one, it just sucks to pay huge library fees.

Oh and then while I was digging through my emails today, I heard a drip, drip, drip in the dining room. Sugar has a Barbie pool that she was playing with in the bathroom. We aren't talking a lot of water here. But any water that gets on the floor in the bathroom goes straight to the dining room. At least it wasn't toilet water, right?

Then I got a package from Fed Ex. That's always fun, right! Um, medications for RA aren't so fun. But then I got excited because it was 3 months of meds! Yay! I wouldn't have to keep calling for more! But then, wouldn't you know, they sent me the pens, which are a lot more painful than the syringes. *sigh* Stinkin' luck of the un-Irish.

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Jill said...

Grrrr! So sorry, Melisa!

Jenn said...


TheFamousStacie said...

I'm glad I'm Irish : ). I was unlucky the whole last half of February so I'm just trying to stay under the luck radar right now.

Do NOT pay that ticket, fool meter reader.