Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Tour - Residency

Last stop on the blog tour! Our residency experience started out a little different. Brad had been set on ENT since he got his MBA between MSII and MSIII. He worked with a doctor during that year and loved the cases. However, he didn't match in ENT and scrambled into a General Surgery spot. He loved it and enjoyed being in the OR. We loved the town and the program and while intern year can be a bit, um, intense, it was over all a good experience for us.

Then, out of the blue, he was contacted by a med school friend and told about a position in ENT that opened up. He couldn't ignore the siren call of his first love and ended up applying for the spot. When he got it, it meant a little bit of craziness for our family. He only had a couple of weeks to move hundreds of miles, and we owned our house in MI. Thankfully, the friend that told him about the spot let him stay with him. Meanwhile, I stayed in MI with our 3 kids waiting for the house to sell. Waiting, and waiting. I had hoped and planned on a couple of months, but it ended up being 7 months. It was a LONG 7 months, and things were crazy at times. :o) We still own our house in MI and rent it out to some resident friends of ours.

It warms my heart when Brad comes home after 10 pm because of a 14 hour surgery to see him beaming from ear to ear because he loves it so much. Yes, it is hard, but I know this is exactly where we are supposed to be and this is EXACTLY what Brad is supposed to be doing. It makes the hard times easier on me.

Now, we are getting to the fun part of residency. Brad can finally moonlight and make up for the paltry resident salary. Philadelphia is not a cheap place to live. And call schedules are getting better too! Most days, his pager doesn't even go off! And finally, we are starting to interview for after-residency jobs. Oh my, that is fun!

I am one very happy wife of a resident. :o)

5 chocolate lovers:

Jilly Bean said...

I am so glad things are looking good and feeling well for you all! Hooray!

GooberDiva13 said...

wow what an adventure

Brittany said...

Your hubby has done really well for himself!! Sounds like you two have had quite the ride :) Thanks for linking up!!

Jill said...

I think it's time to celebrate. I hear that Florida is lovely this time of year. ;o)

Kathi the wingspouse said...

I got excited again just hearing you talk about how much he loves his work. I remember the first time my husband diagnosed something everyone else missed and was dancing around the kitchen. He was a little boy all over again. Aren't those moments rewarding?