Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comedy of Errors

Wow. Nights like this are the reason my blog exists.

Brad convinced me that we really needed to go to a Japanese Sushi bar for Philly's Restaurant Week. Philly has some amazing places to eat, and getting them for a discount, well, that is hard to beat. And truthfully, the food was quite delicious! I still can't believe I ate an entire meal with chopsticks (except for the Hot and Sour soup) and that I ate so much raw fish. But, I love to try new things, so why not.

I digress. We left the restaurant before the dessert came so that I could get back in time for my first belly dancing class here. We walked down the street to the car, only the car wasn't there. Have I mentioned I hate Philly parking? (He was 6 inches into the No Parking zone. So petty) Our friends at the restaurant drove us to the impound lot, in a lovely area with such businesses as Club Risque and Show and Tel. Nice. Our friends played football out in the parking lot while Brad and I waited in a ridiculous line to get our car back. I can't even explain in words how incredible ridiculous the entire system was. Wait in line to pay the fee. Then wait in another line to fill out paper work. Then be told you need insurance and registration which is obviously in the car, so get it and wait again. There was one of those motivational posters on the wall that said 'Serenity', and I think it had the opposite effect on me. The irony was thick. During this waiting, our friend Jim took a football to the eye, which pushed his glasses into his eyelid. It was quite gross actually. I've been exposed to enough blood and guts to have a pretty strong stomach, but I couldn't look at it for very long.

This is a great time to have 2 ENT residents, and ER resident, and a PA hanging out. However, they wouldn't let Brad get his "tool bag" out of the car. We had to fill out a request form, and yes, wait in line again, just to get permission to get it. We were all trying to convince Jim, that yes, he needed stitches or something on his eye when the ER resident said, "Don't worry, Jim, I'll stitch you up right." Jim responded with, "Okay, listen, nothing personal, but if anyone is going to be stitching up my face, it is going to be the Facial Plastic Surgeon. I'm sorry, but if I have the choice, I'm going with Brad." We couldn't help it, Cathy and I just busted up laughing.

I eventually got the paperwork necessary to get the bag out of the car and ran it to Cathy. We had just used some Dermabond at church on Sunday when Roo had a lovely gash above his eye from hitting a pew. But, thankfully Brad had another Dermabond in the bag and they were able to close up his eye.

Now the problem was that we didn't have a registration card, only the sticker. Long story short-ish, we were at the impound lot for 2 hours. And I never made it to belly dancing.

Doctors can be pretty useful people to have around. Especially when they have tool bags. LOL!

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BakerGirl said...

Haha! I have to agree with your friend... If there was a plastics guy around I'd be like you are dealing with my face. (Even though hubs is an ER doc)

Sucks that you have to go through all of that to get your car! Luckily, we've only gotten a few parking tickets here in NY.

Jill said...

Hooray for tool bags!

Sorry about the car being taken - that stinks. :(

Jessi said...

What a night! And YAY for tool bags....we don't have one yet. :-(

So what was the reason for taking your car? Was it parked in a no parking zone that wasn't clearly marked until AFTER they take your car?

Jenn said...

I didn't know Brad was going into facial plastics. Richard is too.

I've watched that Parking Wars show about Philly parking. It looks like a nightmare. You'd think that the city would actually do something about the parking situations, like widen the streets, or make actual parking spaces. I don't know how it's gone this long without people revolting....

Dunstan Family said...

too funny!!! Maybe someday!! We will hit the town for Dinner and bellydancing.

Melisa said...

BakerGirl - Yeah, the ER doc said she would have said the same thing. LOL!

Jill - thankfully we laughed through most of it. ;o)

Jessi - it was 6 inches past the No Parking sign. So petty. I wish a tool bag weren't such a necessity, but I've been shocked how many times it has been a life saver.

Jenn - he isn't getting a fellowship in it. They just do it ALL THE TIME with their regular cases. Parking in Philly makes me want to scream and pull out my hair. It is unbelievable! Just driving down the narrow streets is infuriating.

Dolly - I want to see you belly dance 9 months pregnant! LOL! Come back to the East Coast soon! We need to hang out!

Missy said...

YIKES!! So utterly ridiculous to have all that for 6 inches. Yeesh. That's awesome that Brad has a tool bad for just such occasions. LOL

Laurie said...

It's fun to see you posting! Oh my goodness - nightmare night. I'm glad it turned out alright. I hope the fine wasn't too steep. That's the pitts!

Jennifer Juniper said...

What a night! Yep, the tool bag saved the day :)

Desiree said...

Yikes! Car towed stories are misery at the time but fun to tell later. I found out my car was towed once when I called to report it as stolen. Hmmn... I haven't forgiven OU since. :p And yes, always handy to have a doc around. :)

Terina Dee said...

How could you not blog that one?