Friday, August 27, 2010

Pictures up!

I finally got pictures put up over on Cookie. Took me long enough! LOL!

Brad got a week of vacation this month. We used part of it to go to South Dakota for some job interviews. Oh my lands, it was fun! They paid for plane tickets for us and our 3 kids. They even got us adjoining hotel rooms so our kids wouldn't keep us up all night. There was a beautiful fruit and snack basket waiting for us in our room. They arranged for childcare during fancy meals with the other doctors. Took us on tours of the town. Had realtors to show us around neighborhoods. Arranged a meeting with the school superintendent.
Then we got to talk about salary, signing bonus, loan forgiveness, moving expenses, housing payments, stipends, etc. It just feels so wonderful to be getting spoiled like this. There is a light shining at the end of the tunnel and it is beautiful!

We really liked the towns we visited. I could definitely see myself ending up there!

Then we used the rest of the vacation to go to Niagra Falls. Wow. I am at a loss for words to describe how truly incredible it was there. I tried to convince Brad we needed to move there. haha! It was absolutely stunning! We wanted to do everything we could while we were there.

The first thing we did was go on the Maid of the Mist. Aaaaaaaaaamazing. I couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face. It was complete bliss for me. I love waterfalls, and being right under there was unbelievable. The Observation Tower was great too!

The next thing we did was go to the Aquarium. There was also a seal show and a magic show there. We went to the Discovery Center for some hands-on fun, rode around on the Trolley. Walked over to Luna Island. That was a little freaky actually. You are right over the rushing river and it didn't seem like there was much of a guardrail. It was a little intimidating to realize how close you are to water that is about to plunge 180 ft. And I loved every second of it! I couldn't help but think about white water rafting seeing all of those rapids. :o)

Not content to be merely above the water, we next went down for the Cave of the Winds tour. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. You stand under the Bridal Falls, only a few feet away. The water is extremely powerful and you feel like you are going to blow away! The water just pounds down on you with amazing force. We couldn't get enough of it! Jamo and I kept going back up for more. We even did it without our plastic covers! Well, I only went up to the Hurricane Deck. Jamo actually went under the falls. That's my boy! He was soaked!

Then we ate dinner at the Top of the Falls restaurant. We ate on the outside deck with a gorgeous view and tried to dry off. We went over to Terrapin point for another stunning view. We went to watch the movie playing in the Visitor's Center. The boys bought super cool rocks and Sugar bought a fishing pole.

We waited for night to fall and enjoyed the beauty of the color lights on the falls. I still get speechless thinking about it. Then there were fireworks! I can't think of a more spectacular way to end the day. I'm already plotting a trip back so we can do the Canadian side!

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GooberDiva13 said...

you should write travel brochures! i want to go now!

Rebecca said...

wow! That trip to SD sounds super posh. Never had treatment like that! Take that job!!