Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ruby slippers

SugarPea is growing fast. I bought her some new shoes yesterday since her old ones were too small. She picked out some red, sparkly ones. When she wore them to church today, her teacher said, "Those are beautiful ruby shoes you have!" Sugar said, "They aren't booby shoes! They are red!" The whole way home Brad was trying to explain that a ruby is a red stone.

"Ruby, Sugar. Ru-ru-ru-ruby."
"Wooby. Wu-wu-wu-booby."

Oh so funny!

Sugar has been asking me to help her form signs lately. In ASL, the number 3 is done with your thumb, index, and middle fingers and the number 6 is done with your thumb and pinky touching. We've been working on her 3 lately, since she is 3 and is frequently asked how old she is. Today at church, she was signing water. Water is signed with the same handshape as the number 6 (forming a W) bouncing on your chin. But she was signing it with a number 3 on her chin. Such a cute little girl!!!

2 chocolate lovers:

Jenn said...

Wuby! That's cute! I hope you guys come to visit soon, because I think Ellie and Calet would have a great time together!!

nicole said...

Haha! Simply adorable.