Friday, July 16, 2010

Time flies

Has it really been this long since I've posted? Oops. :o) Things get a little crazy when kids get out of school. And when I develop an addiction to Burn Notice. hee hee

We are getting ready to enjoy Brad's week of vacation for this 6 month period. We will be in South Dakota for a few days and then spend some time traveling in the East. Yay for vacations!

Brad is now a Post Grad Year 4 (PGY4) resident, and better call hours come with that. It has been super nice. Sometimes I even forget he is on call. It is a little crazy to think we only have 2 years left, assuming he doesn't do a fellowship.

I've signed up to row on the river with a club called Dragon Ladies. I'm pretty excited about it. Our first practice is next Saturday. I've seen boats on the river and I thought it looked like a blast, and now I'm going to be on there! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!

6 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Wow, rowing on the river? That sounds like great exercise AND fun, too! I want to see pictures! :D

Jenn said...

You'll have a great time on the river. Just don't fall in, I hear it's a pretty nasty river.

Smart Helm said...

I'm very impressed with ur bravery.. I would totally be too nervous to sign up! I'm excited to hear ur reports.

Becky said...

You are adventure woman, or as my great aunt Mabel would say, a "goer." Wish I could join in the fun!

TheFamousStacie said...

THat sounds fun, I need to learn your secret to being able to work from home AND have a hobby, The kids are absorbing 100% of my time right now and Chad's erratic schedule seems to prevent me from doing anything organized. His meager paycheck prevents me from getting a baby sitter.

We are in Oklahoma until August 2nd, so if your travels bring you through let us know!!!

Cindy said...

Sounds like life is good! You guys have been through a lot to get to this point! So excited/jealous of the Dragon Ladies thing....that sounds like so much fun!