Monday, July 26, 2010

The wrath of Melisa

I *try* to not complain about this house as much as I want to. Honestly, if you knew how frequently I encounter something about this house that makes me mentally scream, you'd be surprised. Unless you've seen my house. Then you wouldn't be shocked.

Anyhoo... I've earned a venting post and this is it. Read at your own risk. It will get ugly. :o)

Yesterday we were blessed with a nice big storm. It took the temperature from 99 degrees to 76. It was lovely. We had been at church, driving home in the pounding rain. We pull into the driveway and before we can even open the doors to get out, a huge (and by huge I mean longer than 6 feet) branch lands on top of poor Odie. If only we'd been a few minutes later, Odie wouldn't have (yet another) huge dent on the roof thanks to the neighbor's tree. Maybe the tree is doing it on purpose because I called the police when this car was parked in front of my house for over an hour. How was I to know he was visiting my neighbor???
After most of the rain stopped, I went to visit my friend Bea and pick up a book. I wanted nothing more than to just sit and chat in her house for hours on end and play with her adorable baby, but alas, Brad had to be somewhere in an hour and I had more errands to run. So, off I dashed with my gas light on, when I come to a firetruck and police tape blocking an entire block. Ever find out what it was, Bea?? Thanks to GPS, I was able to find a way out of the neighborhood and into the city.

Did you know that in the city of Philadelphia, when stoplights go out, you don't treat them as a stop sign? Really! You just keep driving as if you are the one with a green light. And be sure to honk at anyone who does treat it like a stop sign. I'm pretty sure honking at people is a law too. Drive in Philly, take your life in your hands...

I did manage to make it home on fumes, and thankfully there is a gas station across the street from me, so I can fill Odie up before we go anywhere.

Without ever intentionally doing so, we've started a dog-sitting business. We've had Dax twice, Jasper once, and now have a sweet and adorable little puppy named Brynleigh (welsh puppy=welsh name). She still isn't sleeping through the night. We were asked to bring her crate into our room for her to sleep at night, but it wouldn't fit in our room. And even if it did fit, I'm pretty sure dogs don't enjoy sleeping in rooms that are 85-90 degrees all.night.long. So, that means leaving her downstairs and me running up and down the stairs all night. I've taken her out no less than 8 times since 3 a.m., and yet she still has peed twice and pooped once in the house today. I really believe puppies are cute as a survival mechanism. How else can you explain her surviving after chewing my only pair of strappy shoes?

Here is where it gets graphic. Feel free to stop reading now if you haven't already. :o)

I ran up the stairs to discover that the only toilet in the house was being sat upon. I asked if he was almost done. He said, and I quote, "Yes, but be careful flushing because it was almost overflowing this morning." Ummm, why wasn't I informed of that this morning instead of after you've already done your business in there???

After 20 minutes, I gave up trying to plunge it myself. I called 5 plumbers and none would answer there phone. Is today a plumber holiday I don't know about? Keep in mind again, this was our only toilet. I'll spare you the goriest details, but I will say that most of the room, myself included, was covered in poo water before I finally got it to work. For the briefest of moments I considered taking a picture of the horror of it all. But then I realized that there will NEVER be a moment in my life that this will be amusing and worth reliving via picture.

The clean up stage took longer than fixing the toilet. As we ALL know, most disasters in the home occur during meal time. It isn't a disaster until you are covered in poo water with kids crying about how they are starving! I had the puppy outside on a chain during all of this. And boy, was that puppy mad. But really, I can only handle so much at once, and a puppy chewing on things, and kids, was not an ingredient I wanted to add to this mix. My bleeding heart daughter couldn't stand to hear the puppy's whines, so she decided to go and let the puppy off the chain. Which would be fine since our yard is fenced, expect that the puppy is small enough to fit through the closed gate. And who doesn't need a puppy running around loose while you are covered in poo water?

And now, it is nap time. The toilet is working, the bathroom is cleaned, I have showered, the kids have been fed, and I have vented. Brad is working late tonight and I'm supposed to take dinner to someone. I think pizza is a perfectly logical choice at this point. :o)

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Trisha said...

oh geeze! what a day melisa! that which doesn't kill you.... you're gonna be one tough mama when you leave that place!

Rebecca said...

oh Melisa! You did earn one. Sorry about that toilet! Stinks! You are so awesome though to deal with that house and life. Just say no to puppies right now. Hope tomorrow is better and pizza sounds great!

Bea said...

Wowzer. What a day! I can't believe all that you have on your plate. And you still approach it with a smile. You are one amazing woman.

I, too, would have loved to hang out longer. It was great seeing you even if it was for a brief moment.

After we talked and S was in bed, I went outside to investigate and the fire trucks and police were all gone! I probably waited too long. Still trying to get the scoop from other neighbors :)

Jessi said...

Oh dear. Yep, you EARNED a vent....You are definitely going to appreciate even the smallest of upgrades in a couple of years.

Jill said...

How does Brad feel about your moving here and he can commute to Philly everyday? I like that idea. *grin*

Jenn said...

Holy crap Melisa!! I hope those days are few and far between. All of our major toilet issues seem to occur *right* before bed! Which is nice because I just stick the kids in bed (even though I have to do it AT LEAST 5 times), but bad because by the end of the day, both Brian and I are exhausted and cleaning up a giant, poopy mess is the last thing that anybody would ever want to do.

As for puppies, I'm never getting another dog. Goats are way better!! Dogs are just babies that can't talk, don't poop and pee in diapers, shed like crazy all over your house, run away at every opportunity, and are dang expensive. I guess they do lick you, if you like that, I don't. You are a strong woman!!