Monday, December 28, 2009

Weird kids

I have a billion things to post. I'm in such a slacker-blog mode. Sigh. But it isn't going to happen tonight because I have the final episodes of Monk in my hot little hands.

However, because the grandparents wanted pictures of my kids so badly they were willing to give us cameras, I can't deny them this gem from dinner tonight.

Yes, my kids are weird enough that they will eat heads of lettuce. I KNOW this comes from their Grumpus. Seriously. If you know my dad, you know this is true. Love you, daddy!

2 chocolate lovers:

Anonymous said...

I only wish mine would eat lettuce. I really cannot blame them though...I didn't eat it until I was out of my mom's house. What drives me bonkers is not even trying pasta with cheese, ham and a cream sauce??!! Neither of my children would do it, and one of them helped make it! ARGH!

nicole said...

Ha ha! Love this. :) At least it's healthy!