Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What a crazy busy month November was! And we wouldn't have it any other way! It was wonderful!

My birthday was great because we had a live-in babysitter, aka a med student living with us for the month. We actually knew him back in OK, so it was fun to have a friend in town. Todd watched the kids so Brad and I could go out to Thai. I love Thai.

Brad's mom Jessie came to Philly with her hubby Lee. It was so wonderful to see them again since we hadn't had a chance to get back since we started residency back in 2007. We got to see sites in Philly we hadn't even seen yet! And then we went to DC for a day. We spent most of our time there in Arlington National Cemetery, which was such an amazing experience. Truly humbling. We also got to see the National Monument for Fallen Law Enforcement Officers. Jessie's grandpa has his name engraved there. And we got to ride around on a big ol' tour bus, which was great since we didn't have to worry about getting lost!

Well, there is a ton more to update on, but I wanted to get started somewhere. I just got way too behind. There are a ton of pictures over on Cookie from our time with Jessie and Lee and our trip to DC.

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Rebecca said...

I was wondering where you were! Glad you hear you have been having fun. Awesome to have babysitters and family. The best things ever. Hey, if you get a chance can you email me your address. Thanks!