Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow? In Philly?

I wish people would stop telling me that it doesn't snow much when I move to a new place. I moved to MI and they told me that it snows a few time, but nothing to worry about. And the 2 winters I was there, it snowed. A lot. Everyone said it was a fluke. Uh huh.

Then I move to Philly. And people told me that it doesn't snow much. And now I'm snowed into my house and Brad's flight from OK is cancelled. Doesn't snow much. Uh huh.

At least I was able to throw the kids out there today to burn some energy. I'm so grateful to have a working camera. This was our old one when Brad was trying to fix it.The slide of the kids in the snow is on Cookie if you want to check it out.
And in other fun news, our landlord is trying to sell this house, so we've had quite a few people coming to look at it. Ugh. I hope it sells quickly because this is kind of a pain.

4 chocolate lovers:

Croft Family said...

I am dealing with all the people who are trying to get flights to NY or Philly for christmas and their flights are canceled. I can't believe how much snow is expected!

Brynn said...

I lived in Philly for 3 years and it was a good snow every year. I don't think you're talking to the right people...:)

Rachel said...

Whoever told you that it doesn't snow much in Michigan is crazy! It lots quite a bit... always has (at least the 20 years that I lived there) and probably always will :) I hope your hubby is able to some home soon!!!

Victoria :) said...

Who in the world told you it doesn't snow much in MI?? My dad is from there and that is about all it does. Was nice though..every time we went back there for Christmas it was guaranteed to be white. :o)