Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Most of the pictures are in the process of being uploaded to Cookie. The boys were ninjas, Sugar was a lady bug and Brad and I were vegetarian vampires. And it was totally unplanned, but we were all in black and red.

Isn't this corn beautiful?!
I can't over the striations in the kernels. Spectacular! And the pastel purples and pinks in the other cob? Stunning! I couldn't get a shot like this with my old camera!

The Mr and the Mrs. My eyelashes rocked. :o)
Brad really wants hair. LOL!

The new shelves that saved my sanity. :o) Thanks Mommy!

5 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Nice costumes. Nice shelves. Happy Halloween.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

The camera takes great pics! Yay! And ... I can't believe you can get your hubby to dress up. I am jealous!

Desiree said...

Love the costumes. I still get a kick out of veggie vamps every time I think about it. LOL. And I had those same shelves in my apartment. They saved my sanity, too, and helped me stuff an 1850 sqft house into a 900 sqft apt. When we moved back into a house I thought we'd have so much more room, but no, we were just really good stuffers and stackers and now it all fits again. LOL...

Anonymous said...

loving the corn colors! Wish I could muster up the want to draw such a tedious thing. Maybe one day. :) It would definitely be a good thing to work on . :)

You look better in the hair. ;0)

jp said...

Love the veggie vamp costumes. I say all drs are vampires- they love your blood, after all. The corn still scares me or I would think it was beautiful. Happy Halloween. Yes. You read it correctly. Harvest corn scares me.