Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh my. So much to blog about! I think I took 300 pictures last weekend with Jessie and Lee here. But, I can't do it right now, so instead, I want to put this up:

Let's write a letter of support to our troops!

I just visited Arlington National Cemetery and left with a deep appreciation and gratitude for our troops. We already pray for our soldiers every day, but it becomes so much more real after that kind of experience. Let's do what we can to show them that we appreciate the sacrifices they and their families are making.

3 chocolate lovers:

Cindy said...

Thank you for the reminder....I've been in this same mind set lately should bop on over to my blog and see the Veterans Day video that I put together for my turned out pretty good. I tried clicking on your link to write a letter and it wasn't working....any suggestions cuz I DO want to do it :)

Laurie said... is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing. Hope your week is going well. xo

Jessi said...

DC is amazing, isn't it? Walking through all of the momuments helps to bring a whole new perspective/appreciation to the freedom we have now.

What a neat site...I loved browsing through all of the postcards!