Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dodging a bullet

While some of you might believe I asked Roo to put his DS away after the fiasco last week because I am either A) saintly or B) spineless, neither is in fact true. Before causing a commotion, I wanted to make sure that there really was no rule about playing with a silent DS. This was my first time at this office and I wasn't entirely sure of the rules. I emailed the lady in charge and without revealing the situation, confirmed that silent DS games are allowed. Thus armed with knowledge, I brought Roo's (and Sugar's) DS games to the meeting today. The mom didn't even come. The baby sitter brought the older brother attending the meeting with Jamo. Roo happily played his DS for about 30 minutes, and then spent the remainder of the time reading National Geographic Kids. With about 10 minutes left, the mom and younger brother came. But Roo was no longer playing his DS, and while tempted to hand it to him and say, "Here, hurry up and play," I'm not exactly trying to instigate a confrontation either. So, if things continue this way, it looks as though the problem is solved. I can hope, right? :o)

3 chocolate lovers:

Rebecca said...

good job melisa! Perfect solution. You know you are right now:) Good luck!

Jenn said...

Sounds good! I would have had a hard time not pulling the DS out, though :)

Alexandra said...

Come on, get out the DS kid!!! :)