Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can I just go back to bed?

Oy. What a day. And it is only 9:24.

After a week of no school and lax sleeping schedules, getting the kids up this morning was a challenge. Then Jamo's school didn't have volunteers to help with Game Club, so I offered to go, with my 2 other kids of course. We got everyone ready an hour earlier and I packed some DVDs and the DVD player for Sugar. Thankfully, Brad got the snow off the windshield, but it was a mess outside. Of all the days to NOT have a snow delay! Sheesh! It took me 3 tries to get all the way up the hill on our street. I finally got to the school, and there is no parking. Anywhere. Like most Philly establishments, there is no parking lot, so you park on the street. Only the streets are lined with huge piles of snow. You end up parking practically in the middle of the street. I drove around awhile, but finding nothing but snow and more snow, I just decided to become a true Philadelphian and park halfway into the street.

I finally got the 3 kids into the library, and the guy in charge looked none to pleased I had extra kids. Can't say I blame him. Sugar, in her sleep deprived state, was especially whiney and clingy. I managed to bring the wrong cord for the DVD player, so that wasn't an option. Instead she whined and complained that she couldn't play Mastermind like the other kids. Finally, the guy in charge said, "You can go ahead and go, there aren't very many kids." Hint hint. But Roo was in the middle of a game with Jamo, so I decided to distract Sugar with Othello. The poor guy saw us playing and said, "I don't know if that is a good idea." I told him I was playing it with her, not leaving her alone. To his credit, he kind of shuddered and then walked away. Smart man.

We left to go home because I watch a 2 yr old and 6 mo old on Tuesdays. But I couldn't get back up the driveway. There are huge ruts you can't really shovel that get icy. It took me 4 tries, but I got up the driveway enough to park. I couldn't park in the street because the snow piles in the street are so big, if you were to park on the side of them, you'd block the entire street, not just half of it.

We have one of those lovely dishwashers on wheels. You have to hook it up to your sink, and plug it in to get it to work. Yeah, it's a party. Brad, being Mr. Amazing, started the dishwasher this morning. But, being the tired resident he is, he didn't turn on the water. LOL!

So, I will be spending the day with 4 kids and thinking my child bearing days are over. Can I just go back to bed?

7 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

that wore me out just reading it! hope things area a little less bumpy the rest of the day! :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry Melisa! Dang this snow. Hope it's almost gone!

Desiree said...

Wow, no kidding - I hope things go better! And babysitting other people's kiddos is a great form of birth control, lol. We ruined our CV shafts (actually, one side completely fell off) trying to get the car home in the Christmas ice storm. No fun! And in Argentina, you park on / in the street and leave your car in neutral so that people can (hopefully gently) "bump" you back and forth to squeeze their car in behind or in front of you - it's not unheard of to come out and find your car has been pushed into the intersection, lol... gotta love parking!

Jill said...

That totally stinks! I am sorry you had a hard morning. Did you day ever improve?? (((HUGS)))

Victoria :) said...

Wow!! That is quite a morning! Not sure if I would be thinking of having another little either after all that!

brad said...

Wish I could stay home with you everyday!

TheFamousStacie said...

Are you following me around blogging about my life???


The school cringes when I show up! They try to keep me out by locking the handicap entrance. Boy have I, and the double stroller, found ways to get around that!

The snow sounds just horrible. HORRIBLE!!!! Come visit me; pack up the M&Ms and head to the beach. We'll be waiting!