Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video to share

My family is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we received after Tylerr's car accident in November. It was ruled an accident that couldn't be avoided and he will not be charged. Here is a video about the good that came out of the tragedy.


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Mostess Mommy said...

It was such a sad thing to happen but I am happy that your brother was not fully blamed for the actions that day. It must still be hard for your brother, though.

coxandroberts said...

I am happy something good could come from the accident. The video made me cry. I can't even imagine losing my son. I am so sorry for his family but happy for your brother. He is going through enough. I can't imagine how horrible he must feel.

Cindy said...

I am so sorry....I don't think I even knew that it had happened...I know this must be a very hard thing for Tylerr to deal with...I hope that knowing that it was unavoidable and that 3 people were saved because of it helps give him some peace.

Laurie said...

This is really good to hear. I'm so glad for this outcome.

THinking of you. Hope you are feeling better.

kofoeds5 said...

I had seen the article in the Monitor about it Tylerr but had not seen the news clip about Logan, what a wonderful gift of life he was able to provide to three families.
I think about Tylerr all the time and hope that he is doing well. He is such an amazing man and I know that the empathy and understand that he has will make him an even more outstanding member of the fire department.
Thanks so much for sharing this Melisa!