Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pictures a plenty

Hopefully, I will get to the stories behind all of the pictures, but until then there are 5 or 6 slide shows over on Cookie. The first slide has my handsome little Jamo with his new glasses.

4 chocolate lovers:

Melissa said...

Hey Melisa! I saw all your slide shows, adorable! I tried to get a hold of you a couple of times through your e-mail, did you change it? E-mail me, talk soon, miss you!


Becky said...

Oh, they grow too fast. Was that bird droppings on the van? I couldn't see where it said. Calet is such a pretty little lady and I can tell, bursting with personality.

my security word: detard, what's it saying about me?

Anonymous said...

will do!

kofoeds5 said...

LOVE the new pictures! Jamo looks awesome in the new glasses!