Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The sky is falling!

Okay, so it isn't the sky, it's my ceiling. They started taking off the spackle around the sky light so they could put it in tomorrow. Yeah! Our house was pretty busy was construction stuff today.

And in happy news, some youth in my ward were doing a service project scavenger hunt. We had them for 20 minutes. In that time, they swept and mopped my kitchen, wiped the counters, vacuumed the living and dining room, and dusted. Whoo hoo! But, most of the girls were distracted by C's adorableness. Can you blame them?

C got lots of attention today. I took her to get her hearing tested this morning. I got there and signed in and a few minutes later, the lady said, "Uh, your appointment isn't today. It's Friday." Oops. A really nice lady in the waiting room said, "She can have my appointment. I just came over from across the street, so it wouldn't be a problem." What a nice lady, huh. So, we switched appointments.

C didn't like getting her hearing tested. Well, to be specific, she didn't like stuff in her ears. Oh, can she scream! But, everyone still thought she was adorable. She passed as much as we could test. She wouldn't keep the stuff in her ears to test each ear individually, but the doctor said she did well enough on everything else that he isn't worried. If she still isn't talking in 6 months, we'll test her again. I'm glad that is done!

Speaking of C's screaming, it is driving me nuts. She does great at saying please, but then screams until we figure out what she wants. We are definitely going to need to teach her more signs or my ears will break.

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Jill said...

I'm surprised you're not doing as many signs with her as with Jaden & Daven - probably because you have 3 kids now!!! That was nice of that lady to switch with you. People can be so nice! :o)

p.s. Did you see your award on my blog?? Be sure to post it on the sidebar! :o)

Raina said...

screaming, oh yes. They get so frustrated that they can't tell you what they want. It is a hard phase.