Sunday, February 24, 2008

Le Petit Ecolier

When we lived in France, my grandparents introduced us to these cookies and we fell in love. They are sooo good. Well, that was 7 years ago and we haven't had any since. Though, Mohamed was a champ and brought some Lu's back from France. What a great guy, Melissa! Anyway, I was walking through Meijer the other day and I saw these. My jaw just about dropped! I had to buy a couple of boxes. Brad was so thrilled too! YEAH!

2 chocolate lovers:

The Melo's said...

Thanks for always leaving comments on my blog, I always wonder if people ever even look at it. You are amazing! We are going to have to get together again some time. Calet was a wonderful influence on McKenzie, she is the one that inspired the first few steps!

Raina said...

Glad you found the cookies!
Yes, thanks for your comments on my blog also! I hope your lesson went well. My talk and lesson was the best I have ever given. It was completely all my prayers.