Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In cute kid new, J was doing his homework, which was drawing his favorite winter activity. He drew the two of us shoveling snow. Awwww. I melted like butter.

In other cute news, I was laying down in C's room trying to get her to sleep, and she walked over and pulled a shirt out of the drawer and brought it across the room to me. Then she wandered around a little while. After a couple of minutes, she came back, got the shirt, and put it back in the drawer and shut it. Why can't my boys spontaneously pick up their clothes?!

And in my final cute news of the day, C got into my empty hot cocoa mug. At least, I thought it was empty. :)Is it just me, or has it snowed a lot this year? It is my first year here, so I don't have a reference point, but it seems like it snows quite a lot here. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I think it is beautiful, but as much as I love shoveling the driveway, it seems like I do it multiple times a week. Hmmm

3 chocolate lovers:

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Hey! I'd love to meet you in Chicago sometime. When is the Time Out?
Also, we got to figure out how far you are from us! We'd love to see Michigan!!
How far are you from Nauvoo? That would be a great meeting place too.

iPhilip said...

I want snow for one day, then I want it to go away until next year. I love texas.

Becky & Chris Williams said...

Such beautiful artwork. I know what you mean about putting stuff away. Isaac takes stuff out of drawers to make sure he knows what the inside of the drawer really looks like. Hmm, brown, kind of like wood.