Friday, May 7, 2010

Phreaking Philly!

I really do love living here, except for when I don't. Here being Philly, not this nasty house. More often than not, I don't like living here (here being the house, not Philly). Like last night when the water on the floor in the bathroom dripped into my kitchen. Or when I found this little piece of nasty running around my living room. GAG!

But then there are times when I don't like living in Philly either. Like when I can't find a parking place at Sugar's school and have to drive around for 10 minutes even though I'm already late. Or when some inconsiderate person decides that my driveway entry looks like an acceptable parking space.

Since when is this kind of parking job considered okay?! Even a parking job like this makes it hard to get out of my already highly annoying driveway.

And now I need to clean and pray that the person coming to look at the house today wants to buy it. :o)

4 chocolate lovers:

Becky said...

What in the world was that creature on your floor? It looks like something from the Dagobah system. Good luck selling your house, just make sure that creature has been properly cremated before the potential buyer arrives.

Jill said...

Selling your house? I thought you were renting it...?

Desiree said...

Holy cow, that's like something out of the matrix!! And I would totally put up a tow sign and call the tow company on that car!! Grrrr.... hope it sells quickly and gets you out of your phreaking lease! ;o)

Jenn said...

I didn't know you were selling your house. I'm with Jill, I thought you were renting, or is the owner selling and you just happen to live there while it's happening??