Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New York!

Oh, NYC, what a trip! We went to NYC to meet my sister and her hubby. We were supposed to meet them at the Yankee's game, but it took us an hour just to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. Then we checked into the hotel and took a taxi ride to Grand Central Station. Man, taxis in NY are sweet! GPS, video screen, all in the back. We should have taken it all the way to the game because we accidentally bought the train tickets instead of subway tickets and had to wait in line to do a refund. We finally did make it to the game, just in time to watch Pettitte pitch for an inning. The game was a blast. Roo especially was in love with the whole scene. Sugar just wanted to eat popcorn and sit with Grandma (Aubrey). Sugar made it onto the Jumbotron, but I didn't get it on camera. My baby girl was on the big screen at Yankee's stadium! And there was a drunk headbanger, who was on the Jumbotron for ages. Afterwards, he saw Aubrey carrying Sugar and went on and on about how gorgeous she is. He probably thought Sugar was Aubrey's seeing as they are both blue-eyed blondes. LOL!

The next day we met the Meyers' at Junior's for a super yummy breakfast. Scott Meyers was the doctor that Brad worked with during his MBA year many moons ago. Thankfully, we've kept in touch via Facebook and when we saw we were going to NY, he said they would be there too! We had a wonderful breakfast before taking the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. The excitement came when the boat we were on crashed into the bumpers when returning to the dock. It made such a ghastly sound and we were right there because we were on the lower deck. Ugh.

Other excitement included going to Nintendo World and M&M World. Then we went to Dylan's Candy Store. We might have made different choices had we not had 3 small children with us. :o) We actually saw a BUS, yes, a BUS, parallel park between two cars. Sure made me feel like an idiot since I still can't parallel park our minivan. Oh, and we got to eat at Carnegie Deli. Yum.

And, in case you were curious, we were only a couple blocks from Times Square about the time the whole bomb incident happened, but we didn't know about it until we got home. Glad to have missed that one!

2 chocolate lovers:

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh! So glad that you are home safe and that you had a good time!

Croft Family said...

Ahh I'm sure it was good to see your sister and her family.