Sunday, December 16, 2007


Okay, it has been a long time since I've been in so much snow. OK was more of an ice thing. Not much in the way of fluffy, powdery snow. The 8 inches we got today felt more like 18. Brad worked last night and had to drive home in it this morning. He said it was pretty rough. Since he was going to be home, I left the kids with him and went to church so I could teach. But then they sent everyone home after sacrament to get home before the storm got worse. I guess my lesson is ready for next week!

While Brad and C slept, I shoveled the driveway. I love shoveling snow. I don't think I'll let Brad do it. It took me 2 hours. I think it would have taken me half that time if Brad and I hadn't driven on it already. It was the compact snow that was hard to shovel. The rest of it was cake. I learned that lesson last snow storm, but not well enough. I thought if I got it before it had a chance to melt and refreeze into ice, it wouldn't be too bad. And indeed, it was a lot better than last time, but still harder than if it hadn't been driven on. The boys tried to help me after awhile. J said, "Mom, this looks hard so we wanted to help you." What sweet boys. It looked so funny after they got done. None of their lines were straight. It looked like a drunk person was shoveling the driveway.

I agreed to let Brad Ferberize C. She has been screaming for an hour. I have never heard her so mad. Wow. I told him he has to check on her every few minutes, as per Ferber's recommendations and not just leave her to cry. He has been checking on her, but this still stinks. I hate hearing her cry. But I'm really desperate to get her sleeping through the night. She is already a year old and needs to get it down. We are playing classical music for her so she isn't such a light sleeper. She is a REALLY light sleeper. The slightest noise wakes her up. We are trying to break her of that.

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Brynn said...

Good luck with the Ferberizing! After Joseph turned one and was still waking up, I was like, THIS IS ENOUGH! We Ferberized (I had done it before but still fed him once during the night) for the whole night through and he now sleeps for 12 uninterrupted hours. I liked Ferber because you CAN still go in and reassure them, although they scream like they're dying when you leave...oh well. This too shall pass and then HOORAY FOR SLEEPING AGAIN!!! And I remember the first night was TOTALLY the worst. I sat in the bathroom outside his room and cried! The next night was a piece of cake!

Tyler & Robyn said...

Good luck- it is always so hard to hear them scream so much- but this too shall pass. Hang in there- and way to go on shoveling- that is hard work!