Wednesday, May 4, 2011


*Scene - Jamo doing his spelling sentences*

"Mom, what does monthly mean?"
"It is something you do every month."
"What do I do monthly?"

*he shoots down several of my ideas*

...*snickering* "What about cleaning your room?"
"No, that is yearly."

*Scene - Mother and Daughter tea preparation*

"Don't touch that Sugar, it is really hot." (speaking of a curling iron)
"What is that?" (showing my utter lack of primping, my poor 4 yr old doesn't recognize a curling iron)
"It is a curling iron. I'm going to use it to curl your hair."
"Don't touch me with that thing! It will burn me!"
"No, as long as you are careful, it won't hurt you. Your hair won't feel it."

Poor, deprived Sweet Pea.

*Scene - at Mother and Daughter Tea Party*

I have just finished cleaning up the cup of milk Sugar has spilled trying to put a lemon into and the mothers are sharing what the daughters said for the cards. Here is mine from Sugar:

"I love you because we bake cupcakes and you give me kisses and I say, "GROSS!"

And they all laugh, but it is true. Every time I kiss her, she says "GROSS!"

*Scene - at Mother and Daughter Tea Party*

Sugar is up singing with the other kids the song called "Jesus rocks my blues away." I'm sure she was the only one singing, "Jesus rocks my boobs away." *sigh*

3 chocolate lovers:

Smart Helm said...

That last one is priceless. What a fun activity. I LOVE tea partys!

Alexandra said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time together, how sweet that you document these precious moments.

Benji and Aubrey said...

hilarious...literally laughed out loud