Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of pictures!

Wow. It has been awhile since I've put up pictures. So, I put up 9, yes 9, slide shows over on the Cookie Monster blog.

What's over there? Well, lots of stuff: Halloween, first day of school, Roo's birthday, me Dragon Boating, the zoo, Sugar at the farm, golfing... lots. You are under no obligation to go check it out. But if you want on and don't yet have an invite, let me know.

For Halloween, I was sick (I colored my nose read and put purple bags under my eyes) and Brad was my doctor. Jamo was Anakin Skywalker. Roo was Bidoof, a Pokemon. Sugar got a horse where she is two of the legs. We went to our church last night to trick or treat from room to room. We filled our room with balloons. Quite a mistake as it turned into a mosh pit and the older kids weren't always gentle with the young ones. But, the kids liked it.

2 chocolate lovers:

Real Life Roberts said...

maybe it's my comp...but having a hard time viewing the slides...I will try again.

TheFamousStacie said...

Oh good idea! "sick" : )

Belly dancing? Wow, that and signing and resident husband who moonlights?
Are the babysitters cheaper there?