Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I am so excited! Brad opened the door to our bedroom's deck last night, and we heard frogs croaking. YEAH! It is lovely weather we are having these days. I just love it. It is about time I might add. : )

C is officially Cherokee now. We got her Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood and her Cherokee Nation card yesterday in the mail. Brad called her his Indian Princess. Awww. Cute.

We got the massive tree stumps ground down yesterday. That was way cool to watch. It looked like lots of hammer heads on this rotating blade, but of course, I didn't get very close. Wood chips were flying everywhere!

Last night at dinner, instead of doing Hi/Low, we got pretty goofy. C was sticking out her tongue and we couldn't believe how long it was. We decided that was a Jones trait as I can touch my nose with my tongue. So can some of my siblings. At least I think some of them can. I know for sure Jeremy can, but the others, I can't really recall. Lovely, huh. And J started doing my trademark alternating eyebrow lift. Brad can't do either trick, not that you would want to. I guess they did get some traits from my side! I tried to get it on video last night before FHE, but as soon as they see a camera, my kids refuse to perform. Also a Jones trait I might add...

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