Tuesday, August 28, 2007

school starts!

Yeah! I am so excited. So the remainder of last night was good. We started our new bedtime routine with the kids. Start getting ready for bed at 8, lights out by 9. They had their Father's Blessings for the first day of school. Then I have from 9-10 to get my stuff done so I can be asleep by 10, awake by 6. Yeah. That didn't happen. More like asleep at midnight. I just lay there in bed thinking and couldn't sleep. Anyway, I didn't wake up at 6. I woke up at 7:30, the boys' new wake-up time. I got them up and going on their new morning routine. It went pretty well, but it is new, so they needed a little more time. Plus, we ran out of toothpaste. And I had to take lots of pictures. So, I didn't have time to walk them to school, so we drove. It wasn't a ton of fun waiting for D's class to start. I guess they won't let me in the library after all. I went to the Principals office to see if they have a solution. The other lady said to sit in the car for 1/2 hr. I asked if that is what she does. "No, that is what my nanny does." I'm thinking, I'd sit in a car too for 1/2 hr if I was getting paid. Anyway, I'm supposed to hear some kind of solution later this week. The childcare option isn't good. It is $6 from 7 am -9 am. Even if I don't drop him off until 8:30, it is still $6. Yeah, no thanks.I spent my time today doing Craigslist emails and updates since I don't do it on Sundays. I didn't do my chores today either, but I am very close to caught up on My Money. I should be, I literally spent hours on it today. Ugh. Neglect something too long and it turns into a beast. Brad is on call, but this month it is in-house on call, so he is sleeping at the hospital. At least he gets home early the next day. I also made dentist appointments. That's about it. It was productive, but I feel bad I didn't do my chores. Or exercise. Oh well. Lots to do, I should get some rest.

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